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프랑스 어학원


랑스의수준높은어학원을찾으십니까? "에꼴클래스는프랑스최고의어학원하나입니다." - (school agents)


  • 최대정원 8명의소수정예수업
  • 초급부터마스터까지모든레벨의수업상시개설
  • 전문적인강사진
  • 98%의합격률을자랑하는Delf Dalf 시험대비반
  • 집중수업코스, 비즈니스어학코스, 여행가이드를위한불어수업



에꼴클래스는개별학생의요구에따른 "맞춤형" 언어교육으로자부심이높습니다. 언제나 8명이하의소수정예수업을유지하여질높은수업을제공해드립니다. (무료레벨테스트제공)

전체수업과정- 델프/달프시험대비반 - 집중수업 - 일반수업 - 1:1 개인교습 - 그룹수업 - 비즈니스불어수업 - 여행가이드불어수업

특별불어수업개설. 비즈니스, 관광가이드, 컴퓨터, 법, 의학등여러분의필요에따라전문강사들로이루어진수업을신청할수있습니다.




French language school in Montpellier, southern France : 

Are you looking for a quality French language school in Montpellier France? Ecole Klesse is "one of the best French language schools in France....." (school agents) :

  • Very small classes with 8 participants maximum, all the year

  • All levels available all the year : from beginners A1 until advanced with C1 and C2 levels

  • Experienced and qualified teachers to study quickly French language and all skills : speaking, writing or french grammar

  • Delf Dalf courses/examination - general French and intensive French programs - Academic year programs - Crash courses - Business French courses - French for Tourism 

  • French tests + Certificate level at the end of the stay

The school was founded in 1965 in the south of France; close to the Mediterranean, the Camargue and Provence.

Located in the centre of the charming town of Montpellier in a traditional "bourgeois" house with a pleasant, cheerful atmosphere.

The school is in the middle of Montpelliers cultural and festival life. 

Ecole Klesse is well known for its programs of "tailored" linguistic immersion for individual students or groups; always in small groups (8 participants maximum) with a similar level of French (systematic free entrance test) :

Total immersion programs - Delf and Dalf preparation/courses -  Intensive course - General French course - One-to-one - Groups - Business French - Tourism.

We also teach specialised French language (you can learn french for business, tourism, computers, law, health), organised by our professional and experienced team.

Ecole Klesse guarantees rapid and noticeable progress in French for foreigners!




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