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Learn French and study CCIP Courses in Montpellier: French for Tourism & French for Business. Learn French in France, Montpellier

Business French classes and French for Tourism - CCIP exams


The examinations in commercial, business and tourist / hotel French of CCIP are available for all non native locators of French.

They are practical exams testing oral and written communications skills in the main situations of professional life at different levels. It has a very high value for all those who need professional communication in the French speaking and international world.

Certificate of French for Tourism (CFTH)

This exam adresse to professionals, in activity in the sectors of the tourism, trade or the restoration, or to studying or training getting ready to reach jobs in these domains.

The professions aimed by the Certificate of French of the tourism , trade and hôtellerie have for common denominator a direct contact with a French-speaking clientele opposite which the candidates assume a responsibility and have for setting of the varied structures : Organisms of tourist promotion, offices of tourism, Associations of tourism, Travel agencies: tour operators (tour operators), distributors, agents of receptive, Clubs of vacations, villages of vacations, Parks of leisure, Carriers, independent Hotels, hotel Chains, Residences of tourism, youth hostels, Restaurants.

Business French (DFP and DFA)

Professional French certificate

The French Certificate professional (CFP) concerns all those that wants to have a first approach of the French language in a professional context, and that wish to validate their acquirements by a diploma official respondent to the requirements of the professional world.

The professional French Certificate valids the French knowledge going from elementary\raised to middle mediator.

The holder of this certificate can achieve some simple acts of professional communication in a known or foreseeable context.

While putting the accent on the expertise of communication and the ability, the CFP values the level reaches in the four expertises: the written understanding - the written expression - the oral understanding - the oral expression.

The Diploma of French of the business, 1st degree (DFA 1)

Concerns to students, training, professional, that reached a good level of knowledge of the French language applied to the acts of communication and that wish, in a professional perspective, to validate their acquirements by an official diploma adapted to the requirements of the professional world..

The Diploma of French of the business, 1st degree (DFA 1)

Destined to candidates having reached a French elevated / advanced intermediate level used in a professional context.
Diploma of French of the Business, 2nd degree

ATTENTION: This diploma only gets ready by one-to-one tuitions. The Diploma of French of the business 2nd degree (DFA 2) concerns all person wanting to justify his/her faculty to use with efficiency French in most social and professional situations, including in situations of responsibility.

It especially answers to the needs of the enterprises or institutions that maintain regular relations with French-speaking partners. It allows these to select the staff whose professional practice is doubled by a real linguistic expertise.

It also answers the needs of the candidates that wish, in an ulterior stage, either to follow a higher education efficiently in French in a specialty in relation with the world of the business (trade, management, economy, administration of enterprise, etc.), either to pursue their perfection while preparing the 3rd degree of French of the business of the CCIP (the Diploma deepened of French of the business & ndash; DAFA).

The DFA 2 is destined to candidates having reached a French advanced / superior level used in professional context.

You will perfectly be prepared for the obtaining of these dîplomeses universally recognized in the world of the business, of the professionals of the tourism and the high-level inn. The Klesse school is official center of these exams. It is therefore at the very school that you will be able to pass these dîplomeses.

How to get prepared for Business French or French for Tourism?

These examinations are prepared in combination with Standard, Standard Plus or Intensive courses. 2 type of course are available :

  • Individual courses : we will built a special program totally focused on your special needs
  • Optional courses :
    • option 1: business French : 6 lessons/week
    2 Wochen:
    € 240
    3 Wochen:
    € 360
    4 Wochen:
    € 480
    5 Wochen:
    € 600
    6 Wochen:
    € 720
    • option 2: tourism : 3 lessons/week

    2 Wochen:

    € 120

    3 Wochen:

    € 180

    4 Wochen:

    € 240

    5 Wochen:

    € 300

    6 Wochen:

    € 360

No diploma is required except the "Diplome de français des affaires" , 2 nd level (DFA2) which is required for admission to DAFA, to pass these exams.

There are examination sessions at Ecole Klesse approximately every 3 months.

Other French programs available all year around :  



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