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Created to assess proficiency in French, TEF (Test d'évaluation de français

TEF "test d'évaluation du français"


Recently created to assess proficiency in French, TEF (Test d'évaluation de français) fills therefore an empty space. The Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP) is a major actor in the field of training and education, it is known and recognised internationally for its examinations in French for business and for the professions. The CCIP first conceived TEF as an answer to its own needs, for its educational institutions (HEC, CPA, ESCP-EAP, ESIEE, ADVANCIA, NEGOCIA,.) which welcome every year 20 to 25 % of foreign students. Considering the good quality of the first results, the CCIP decided then to launch TEF on the international market. On the one hand, companies can use it to make significant personnel decisions (to recruit, to promote, to set learning goals,.) ; on the other hand, universities and institutions of higher education use TEF to assess the French skills of non-French-speaking students before, during, and after their studies and to assist foreign students more easily and more efficiently with their enrolling in the programme that is best for them.

The finalisation of TEF, which is a standardised test, ready for use, quickly corrected, objective, and reliable, required long working months by a team of specialists in different fields : specialists in evaluation, didactic, teachers of French as a foreign language, statisticians, experts in data processing, examiners, teachers who tested various tests and gave their opinion about them. Certifying that TEF must be an effective tool of evaluation for minimum cost for the candidates, this team of experts selected the most representative tasks, with discernment and coherence, according to the objectives of language assessment. TEF results are personalised and validated by a score sheet giving the examinees their amounts of points for each test section and describing the language and communication objectives they have reached. Thus, two examinees obtaining an identical amount of points do not necessarily get similar comments: Therefore, it is more important to consider the amount of points obtained in each test section than the total amount of points. This originality represents an important asset of the assessment.


These detailed results and this qualitative assessment establish an accurate evaluation of the examinees' abilities in French at a certain moment in time. Of course, the more recent the assessment is, the more likely it is to be a valid indication of their proficiency. At the beginning of their learning French, TEF supplies them with a diagnosis on their needs, it then gives precious indications on the progress carried out in the course of learning, and finally it provides the candidates with an official certificate of the level they have reached by the end of their training.

The mandatory part of TEF consists of 150 multiple-choice questions divided into three parts : Reading (50 questions), Listening (60 questions), Vocabulary and grammatical structure (40 questions). This mandatory section lasts approximately 2,5 hours -including the necessary transition time between the different parts. It represents the main part of TEF evaluation. The examinees can then complete the assessment with two optional tests : Writing (1 hour) and speaking (35 minutes).

TEF mainly assesses the examinees on everyday written and oral French, the tasks are based on current subjects, on various levels of complexity. TEF presents a wide variety of supports and tasks. Taking TEF does not require a specific diploma or preparation. However, a manual is sent to the registered candidates two weeks before the test for them to become familiar with the tasks and instructions. Registrations are accepted every month all year long all over the world.

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