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Teacher training for French teachers to study French in France, Montpellier. Learn French dedicated to French teachers in France, Montpellier

Teacher training : Teaching French as a Foreign Language

French teachers are welcome at Ecole Klesse for intensive French classes.

Our course objectives and methodology for teaching French

  • to provide participants with tools and activities to use in their classes and perfect the necessary skills to create others
  • to encourage cross-cultural exchanges and the transfer of skills between teachers
  • to communicate a teaching approach that has proven its worth over several years, the professionalism of which continues to satisfy all participants

The classe's primary ambition is to differentiate itself from the classic university training courses for teaching French as a Foreign Language. The course covers the theoretical aspects that distinguish the different approaches to teaching French as a Foreign Language and identifies the resources available. However, the main attention is put on placing you in real situations, having provided you with the necessary tools to prepare customised class activities in small groups.

Our objective is to provide you with a wide variety of ready-to-use activities, but it is first and foremost to give you the skills necessary to develop this material in order to achieve complete autonomy in creating modern communicative activities.

Thus you will find yourself in the role of student and can define the real difficulties encountered by your own students. Also as a teacher, seeking to adapt material so that it suits your students' characteristics (nationality, level, objectives, etc.). This takes place in an atmosphere of reflection and debate that promotes cross-cultural exchange.

Teacher French classes in france

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